Shared Gems 2012 – The Important Stuff

FRIDAY, June1st Shared Gems 2012

11:00 Registration opens @ Hämeentie 161
12:00 Opening of the Event
12:15 48HRS JamTeams Noora Heiskanen and the Jammers
13:00 Art director and Graphic Production for Social and Mobile Games Samuli Snellman
13:30 WTF is….Game Design? Petri Purho
14:00 Coffee break
14:30 Banzai! The Joy and Folly of setting up a Gaming Startup Giuliano Cremaschi
15:00 Music & Audio Branding in games Ari Pulkkinen
15:30 Panel of Professionals How to succeed in Game Business? How to start a career in Game Industry?
Professionals are: Moderator: KooPee Hiltunen – Neogames Panelists: Mari Mäntylä – Digital Chocolate; Leena Hoppania – Soficom Finland; Antti Ikonen – Aalto University / Medialab; Sami Marsch – Grey Area; Timo Argillander – Digital Media Finland
17:00 Final Remarks – the Outcome Anna-Kaisa Kultima
17:30 Game Over, Thank You for Playing With Us :)
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