Vyyhti Game

Vyyhti Game is a complete board game, sized as large as 15 square meters. The players form teams and are engaged and guided by a facilitator. The themes for the game are prepared beforehand and one game takes usually from 1,5 to 2 hrs. The basis and core of the game is a fast problem-solving method, which comprises of 40s long mircrosessions in the form of a problem or a particular question. The purpose is to find the relevant problems, raise discussion and perhaps even debate in order to promote cooperation. Prior board gaming experience is not required for playing Vyyhti.

Alkuperäinen Vyyhtipeli kaupunginosatoimijoille
The original Vyyhti Game Board for district volunteer workers

The number of teams required for the game are usually 2-3 comprising of 3-6 players. The theme for the game is designed beforehand on the basis of the questions of problems for which the community desires to find solutions. The questions and problems may well be highly challenging and thorny to tackle. So far the game has been played with entrepreneurs within the creative industries, teachers, students and district volunteer workers.

Susanna ja Sanna Vyyhtipelissä
Vyyhti Game developers Susanna and Sanna on the board

Case: District volunteer workers in Helsinki

Two Helsinki districts have the goal to form cooperation between them, but the goal is hard to achieve because of cultural and political differences between the generations. Vyyhti game was used to determine the existing facilities (resources?) and needs of the community as well as the challenges in the communication. The game was a success in the sense that it opened up the communication channels via which the cooperation started to bloom.

Case: Acquiring ECTS credits

The teachers of Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences wished to achieve concrete results on how the students acquired study credits and how they planned and managed their workload. During the game it was discovered that the problems related to their own work where the primary concern for the teachers. The organizing of the problem points revealed made the task of resolving challenges related to the realization of study credits manifestly easier.

Case: Entrepreneurs

In this occasion Vyyhti Game was played by members of the parliament, students and executive personnel from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The goal was set to define what kind of changes were required in order to make the city of Helsinki even more entrepreneur-friendly. Concrete solutions were sought for. For example: due to renovation projects in Helsinki, a small entrepreneur shop has been shadowed by a huge garbage stand for more than a month. How does this affect the entrepreneur’s daily business? What could be done to circumvent the detrimental effects of renovation projects?

Vyyhti Game in action – Photo’s from the seminar game in Helsinki Music Centre on 6th November 2013

Photographer: Tuula Palaste-Eerola.
More of Tuula’s Vyyhti Game photos from the same game session.

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