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Ari Pulkkinen at Shared Gems 2012

Our third Keynote Speaker from Shared Gems 2012 Game Seminar is Ari Pulkkinen, the man who is behind many well known game sound designs and compositions. We strongly advice you to listen what he has to say if you are interested in game and sound development.

Ari Pulkkinen’s Keynote at Shared Gems 2012

Ari’s interview

Next week will be last in our Keynote introduction series. Then you will meet Giuliano Cremaschi, an experienced game developer and this time he’ll share is experience about gaming startups.

Samuli Snellman at Shared Gems 2012

On our second Shared Gems 2012 speaker video we bring you mr Samuli Snellman. Samuli is an experienced game developer and his specialities are art direction and graphic production for social and mobile games.

Samuli Snellman’s Keyote at Shared Gems 2012

Samuli’s interview

Next week we’ll introduce to you mr Ari Pulkkinen.