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Giuliano Cremaschi at Shared Gems 2012

In our final Shared Gems 2012 Keynote speaker introduction we proudly present mr Giuliano Cremaschi of Cute Attack Games. Giuliano shares is views on how to set up a gaming startup.

Giulinano Cremaschi’s Keynote at Shared Gems 2012

Giuliano’s interview

That’s how great time we had at the Shared Gems 2012. Stay tuned for Shared Gems 2013!

Ari Pulkkinen at Shared Gems 2012

Our third Keynote Speaker from Shared Gems 2012 Game Seminar is Ari Pulkkinen, the man who is behind many well known game sound designs and compositions. We strongly advice you to listen what he has to say if you are interested in game and sound development.

Ari Pulkkinen’s Keynote at Shared Gems 2012

Ari’s interview

Next week will be last in our Keynote introduction series. Then you will meet Giuliano Cremaschi, an experienced game developer and this time he’ll share is experience about gaming startups.

WTF is… Game Design? Petri Purho’s presentation & interview

This is the first one of our video posting series where we think back to the Shared Gems 2012 Game Seminar and its keynote speakers. There will be two videos by every speaker. The first one is the keynote and the second one is a bit more intimate and personal interview. Enjoy!

Petri’s keynote WTF is… Game Design?

Petri’s interview

The next videos will be published next wednesday the 15th of August and are all about mr Samuli Snellman. Stay tuned!

Online Views on Shared Gems 2012

It’s been almost a week now from the Shared Gems 2012 Game Seminar. The seminar was a great experience and I want to write down some thoughts while I still remember what happened there.

I was part of the production team and my main responsibility was the video conference environment for the distant participators.

The video setup was quite light: A basic Windows lap top with Logitech c910 webcam plus Adobe Connect Pro.

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